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Fly storage


From € 4,235.00 Gross: € 5,378.45 (VAT 27%: € 1,143.45)

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Multi-functional double door storage unit. Base in "irondust" charcoal grey coloured lacquered iron.The unit and the interior accessories are designed to meet storage and functional needs. As a mobile bar it is designed to store wines, spirits and cigars (in special humidors).The large grooved doors with “irondust”charcoal-coloured iron laminate handles, are the main feature of this unit. Their structure allows you to organise glasses and decanters.Hardwood drawers assembled with dovetail joints and recessed shelf with push-pull opening system.The interior spaces are illuminated by a LED lighting system positioned across the entire height of the inner side. They are activated automatically via sensors when the door is opened.Finish: base of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.

Depth 52,2 cm
Height 180 cm
Width 90 cm(180 cm)
2-3 Months
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